Training Philosophy

  • GATLA provides a learning community where the individual and his or her unique personal contribution to the therapeutic relationship is valued and refined because the person of the therapist is the “instrument.” Learning happens best in settings that bring together openness to experimenting and learning with teaching that is sensitive and respectful of the individual learner. GATLA’s 80% return rate attests to the success of this approach.
  • As psychotherapy is a rapidly evolving field in which obsolescence is easy to hide. GATLA is committed to keeping abreast of the best of evidence based psychotherapy and solid innovations from research and clinical experience and passing this knowledge on to those who study with us.
  • It is GATLA’s purpose to provide the most experienced and skilled teachers available, teachers who are willing to allow their own work as psychotherapists to be seen, dissected, questioned, and compared with theoretical formulations. The work of trainees is carefully discussed and supervised in a respectful manner providing timely feedback in an assimilable manner.
  • GATLA’s believes that a solid, evidence supported theoretical base is crucial to moment to moment therapeutic interactions and maximizing change and growth. Because of this GATLA places an emphasis on imparting theory and research findings that are supportive of the psychotherapy process.