Couples Programs, Summer Residential Gestalt 12-day Program, Los Angeles Six-weekend Program, Seattle Training Program:

GATLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing excellence in Gestalt Therapy and Couples Therapy training. We grant limited scholarships to qualified participants who otherwise could not afford to attend the training. In the case of participants from countries with very limited economies, we anticipate granting such individuals scholarships for several years as significant training takes several years — especially if the participant has little other training opportunities available to him/her. This takes up a significant portion of GATLA’s scholarship funds. We are also committed to financially assist advanced students and new professionals from all countries.

Persons requesting scholarship assistance are asked to pay as much as they can toward the full costs thereby allowing more people to share in scholarship money. Therefore, previous scholarship recipients will be asked to pay at least what they have paid previously.

The granting of scholarships is fundamentally based on three factors:

  1. The assessed financial “need” of the individual applicant.
    • Income, savings and other assets and general financial resources of the applicant.
    • The economy of the country of origin of the applicant (e.g. especially some “developing” countries where therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, etc. make between $100-250 per month). In such a situation, asking full fee (e.g. for the European Summer Residential program: US $3895 – $4195) would be asking them for more, SEVERAL YEAR’S income as compared to asking less than TWO WEEK’S income from many “first” world country professionals. Clearly, full time professionals are not equal financially.
    • The exchange rate of the applicants’ local currency to the U.S. dollar. For example, with the declining exchange rates for the Russian Rouble, people from that country would have to pay twice what they paid previously – even if our fees remained the same.  In the last few years, the currency rate went from approximately 28 Roubles to the dollar to approximately 68.
  2. The equitable distribution of scholarship to those most in need of financial assistance and to those who apply early enough so that scholarship money is still available.
  3. The availability of funds.

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Since GATLA has no grants or other sources of funding, all monies awarded for scholarships come from tuition, accommodation, meals and fixed expenses paid by other applicants. Thus, scholarship funds are extremely limited and an attempt is made to award scholarships to those who are most in need.

Every effort is made by GATLA to be as equitable as possible in the distribution of our limited scholarship resources. We base our fees on our actual expenses including some small amount of money for scholarships. We are truly a non-profit organization. We do not inflate fees to accommodate negotiations and we would appreciate being petitioned for scholarships only by those with genuine financial need.

New Scholarship Guidelines
The earlier the request, the more likely scholarship assistance will be available.  All scholarships will be work scholarships where recipients will be expected to assist GATLA and/or Bob and Rita Resnick with internet research, local outreach where you live and some clerical work. The number of hours required will depend on the amount of scholarship granted – approximately four hours for every $100 in scholarship – spread over the year.

No registration or scholarship request will be considered without a completed scholarship application form and A DEPOSIT (MINIMUM US$500.00). In the event the scholarship decision is not mutually agreed upon, the deposit will be fully refunded. If, however, GATLA and the participant agree on a scholarship amount, the deposit at that time becomes non-refundable.

When a scholarship offer by GATLA is less than the applicant’s scholarship request, the applicant has ten days to consider and accept or refuse. If GATLA does not receive a response from the applicant within ten days, the scholarship offer will expire and the deposit will not be refunded.

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Rita Resnick, Ph.D., Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D.