Gestalt Therapy Training Program


2019 MARKS THE 48th YEAR of GATLA’s
Summer Residential Gestalt Therapy Training Program. This is probably the oldest annual psychotherapy training program worldwide. The purpose of this program is to provide the highest quality of training available for psychotherapists in Gestalt and Experiential psychotherapy and other relational models of therapy while retaining the flexibility to be adaptable to practitioners of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. All faculty will do clinical demonstrations and all work will be related to theory. Participants in the Clinical Practicum and MasterClass groups work with clients from lower groups in individual therapy under supervision of faculty, Distinguished Gestalt Visitors and/or Group Leaders. Our successful Master Class will continue in 2019 — a group for very experienced Gestalt Therapists.

There are many aspects of GATLA’s Summer Residential Training Program that distinguish it from other training programs in Gestalt Therapy and make it a cutting edge training opportunity as well as a benchmark for Gestalt Therapy Training Programs worldwide:

IN 2019 GATLA HAS INVITED SEVERAL “DISTINGUISHED GESTALT VISITORS” to be part of the training. These are Gestalt teachers and trainers who have made or are making an important contribution to Gestalt Therapy. These guests will have the opportunity to supervise, sit in on groups and add their perspectives, give presentations and add an unparalleled richness to our community. There will be opportunities to talk, eat, “schmooze” and laugh with these honored guests. In 2019 we are pleased to welcome as DGVs: Maya Brand, (Thousand Palms, CA.), Michael Clemmens, Ph.D. (Pittsburg, PA.USA-Michaelwill bewithGATLAfor a fewdays: July 23-26); Bent Falk,MPF,M.Div. (Copenhagen, Denmark); Flora Ostrow, LMFT (Seattle,WAUSA);Malcolm Parlett, Ph.D. (Totnes, UK),Mary Lou Schack, Ph.D. (Philadelphia, PA, USA) and Lee Zevy, LCSW(NYC,New York).

THEORY TRACK:Four theory tracks will be offered in 2019: Introductory Theory for Basic Group members and other participants interested in deepening their grasp of the fundamentals of Gestalt therapy theory, led by Jay Levin, M.A.; Organizational Development for those participants with a background or an interest in working in organizational settings -theory and practice from a Gestalt perspective led by Doug Aberle MEngSc, This track will involve both theoretical input and live discussion of participants’ cases (see further description in Location and Components). Dialogue of Dialogues – working with big, multigenerational families led by Anna Tanalska-Duleba, M.A. (see further description under Location and Components). The fourth theory track, Clinical Populations – will be presentations and discussions of working with particular client populations: e.g. Character Adaptations, Eating Disorders, Psychosis, LGBTQ, Adolescents, etc. This track will be comprised of faculty from GATLA and the DGV. A further description will be sent to registered participants.


There are many aspects of GATLA’s Summer Residential Training Program that distinguish it from other training programs in Gestalt Therapy and make it a cutting edge training opportunity as well as a benchmark for Gestalt Therapy Training Programs worldwide:

STRONG COMMUNITY — International in scope – participants from 30 different countries. Internationally trained faculty.

SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT — Therapists and consultants can do their own personal therapy and training away from their home community.

PARTICIPANTS PRESENT THEIR WORK — Optional evening presentations on subjects of interest to participants to either hear about or present themselves.

TRIOS OR QUARTETS — Practice Gestalt methodology under the supervision of a Trainer, Group Leader or a member of the Clinical Practicum or MasterClass.

FACULTY COMMITTED TO DIALOGUE — We are constantly evolving and changing our program based on feedback and proposals from participants, from advances in psychological science as well as Gestalt theory and practice.

RETURN RATE OF OVER 80% — Attests to the relevance, flexibility and growth of this program.


FIVE LEVELS OF TRAINING Basic, Advanced, Advanced Intensive, Clinical Practicum and MasterClass with interdependent groups, interweaving theory, supervision, group work and personal therapy.

INTRODUCTORY GROUP: The Introductory Group is designed for applicants who are new to Gestalt Therapy or who have limited post-graduate training in Gestalt Therapy. Many Introductory Group members come to our training with years of useful and relevant experience, however they are not familiar with Gestalt theory or therapy.

ADVANCED GROUP: Designed for clinicians who have a minimum of 2 years of Gestalt Therapy training.

ADVANCED INTENSIVE GROUP: Each member of this group is assigned a client from within the group to work with in front of the large group as well as within the trios.

CLINICAL PRACTICUM GROUP: The Clinical Practicum group focuses intensely on improving participants’ clinical skills and emphasizes the integration of clinical work and Gestalt theory. Participants have an individual therapy client whom they see daily with live supervision. This offers an ongoing experience both with therapy and intensive supervision over time.

MASTERCLASS: Designed to meet the needs of very experienced Gestalt therapists who have completed training with GATLA or other Institutes. Participants will work directly with core faculty (Bob and Rita Resnick) and one additional trainer followed by in depth discussion of therapeutic and theoretical issues, enhance therapeutic and supervisory skills. Master Class members will be given an opportunity to get sophisticated feedback on personal research, clinical, and teaching or service projects.


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