Location & Components

DATES: Gestalt Therapy Training in Assisi, Italy, July 13 – 26, 2019

LOCATION: GATLA is very pleased to announce our programs for Summer 2019 will be held at the beautiful Hotel Cenacola in Italy – an enchanting property just outside the city of Assisi.  This 4 star hotel was originally the Franciscan Cenacolo that opened in 1954 to offer accommodation to pilgrims visiting the city as they followed in the footsteps of the Saint Francis.  The hotel was completely renovated in 2008, although it looks like the renovations took place this year.  Hotel Cenacolo has upscale rooms with Wi – Fi and TV’s in every room.  It is fully air-conditioned, will have a small gym by July, 2019 and offers  access to  an  outdoor  pool  in a  hotel – a five minute walk  away.  Assisi is located in the  region  of   Italy  known as Umbria – famous  for  its green heart,  for  its   medieval   hill   top   towns, dense  forests  &  local  cuisine – foraged truffles and wines.

Link to hotel website: hotelcenacolo.com


  • Group meetings in which participants observe trainers work and practice Gestalt therapy with supervision
  • Cutting edge theory presentations
  • Trios/Quartets for individualized practice daily
  • Optional daily individual therapy provided by members of upper groups to members of lower groups with supervisor sitting in on each session

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Due to the € increasing by 17% over the US$ and GATLA being charged primarily in € in Europe, we have adjusted our fees by approximately 10% to defray some of the currency changes). Remove parenthis Partial work  scholarships are available. All fees include tuition, twin accommodation with private bath, all meals and coffee breaks – including the “free” days.

Early Registration (before March 30, 2019) – Basic/Advanced Groups
Individual Registration: $3645.00 Deposit: $1825.00
Group of 5 Register registering together $3395.00 (each) Deposit: $1697.50
Early Registration (before March 30, 2019) – Adv Int, Clinical Practicum, MasterClass:
Individual Registration: $3895.00 Deposit: $1997.50
Group of 5 Registering together: $3595.00 (each) Deposit: $1797.50
After March 30, 2019
Individual Introductory and Advanced: $3895.00 Deposit: $1997.50
Individual Adv. Intensive, C.P., Master Class $4195.00 Deposit: $2097.50
Single room supplement: $900.00

Discounts may not be combined. Those attending both the Couples and the Gestalt Programs will receive a 15% discount on both programs.

FACULTY: Each group will work with three of the following faculty: Core Faculty: Rita Resnick, Ph.D.; Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D.  Faculty: Liv Estrup, M.A.; Helen Kennedy, BA (Hons.); Jay Levin, M.A. (Clin. Psych.); Nadia Lubyanitskaya, M. Psych.; Juraj Rektor, M.D.; Claudia Rosenbach-Ziembinski, Diplom. Psych.; Zish Rosenbach-Ziembinski, M.Psych. Guest Faculty: Alexandr Eremeev, M.D.;  Nadia Lubyanitskaya, Ph.D.; Paul Plakos, M.A..  By invitation, Group Leaders from many different countries will be added to the staff.

EVENING PROGRAMS:  Optional evening presentations have been traditionally scheduled wherein both faculty and participants present and discuss their current interests or expertise. The rich and bountiful backgrounds of therapists from 25-30 different countries and cultures provide an outstanding array of presentations. Other evening activities include singing around the piano, playing guitars, dancing to the music of many countries, arguing theory over a glass of wine, quietly sitting or walking under the stars, telling jokes, etc. In short, we are a wonderful, warm and ongoing community that welcomes new members.

THEORY TRACKS: Each participant will be asked to choose one of our optional theory tracks (Introductory group members will be placed in the Introductory Gestalt Therapy Theory track). Theory tracks cover current clinical, theoretical and/or practical and professional issues and are organized so that various presenters are integrated into the overall track emphasis. Each track will have a faculty coordinator. Each participant will be sent a list of the theory tracks available and asked for their preferences approximately one month before the program begins.

Led by JAY LEVIN, M.A. (GATLA Trainer and Gestalt Therapist from Sarasota, Florida.)
Required for all members of Introductory Group, this track offers an overview of the fundamentals of Gestalt Therapy.  Open too, to those who want a review of these basics and/or ideas on how to teach this material.  Jay, who spends much of his time teaching in Europe, is known for providing an excellent review – within, of course, the limited number of days of this course

Led by DOUG ABERLE, M.ENG.SC (Group Leader and an Organizational Consultant from Perth, Australia)
For those participants with a background or an interest in working in organizational settings, a separate Organizational Applications (OA) theory and practice track, from a Gestalt perspective, will be conducted throughout the workshop. The OA track will involve introductory sessions where the theoretical basis for working from a Gestalt perspective in organizations is presented and an actual organizational transformation is described. Further sessions will involve the examination of live cases brought by participants. This provides the opportunity for participants to gain insights into organizational challenges as well as reflect on the application of Gestalt principles in the workplace.
Contact GATLA for additional information ritaresnick@gatla.org

Led by: ANNA TANALSKA-DULEBA, M.A. (Group Leader and Gestalt therapist from Warszawa, Poland)
This theory track will present a way of working with multigenerational families. The theoretical basis for this work is derived from Gestalt therapy theory with some understandings and techniques from systemic, constructionist and narrative approaches. The purpose of this form of working is to help families to start a dialogue – to talk to each other and to listen each other, to widen the family’s perspective on their lives and to loosen their story/stories as well as providing alternative ways of understanding their situation. Participants in this track will have an opportunity to practice working with families and to get familiar with working in co-therapy and with a reflecting team.
Contact GATLA for additional information ritaresnick@gatla.org

Led by:  BOB RESNICK Ph.D. (GATLA Core Faculty from Los Angeles, California)
This track will be presentations and discussions of working with particular populations – e.g. Character Adaptations, Eating Disorders, Psychosis, LGBTQ, Adolescents, Addictions, etc.  Presenters will be faculty Trainers, Group Leaders and Distinguished Gestalt Visitors