Core Faculty

Rita Resnick, Ph.D., has been Faculty Chair of GATLA’s European Summer Residential Training Program since 1991. In addition to her private practice, Rita is actively training psychotherapists in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Central Asia in both Gestalt and Couples Therapy. Her professional interests include the exploration of innovative and supportive approaches to supervision (Rita has published an article with Liv Estrup, M.A. “Supervision: A Collaborative Endeavor” in the Summer 2000 issue of the Gestalt Review) and a devoted, passionate (and self serving) interest in the area of women growing older – menopause and later-life vitality. Rita has published a chapter in  Woman In Gestalt Therapy – Adriena Feckova, Beatrix Wimmer.  The voice of female Gestalt therapists from Europe, USA and Israel who have contributed to the development of Gestalt therapy.  The Resnick’s are frequently happily married. Email: ritaresnick@gatla.org.

Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, has been a Gestalt and Couples Therapist for 55 years and an international trainer for over 50 years. Trained (1965-1970) and personally certified (1969) by Drs. Fritz Perls and James Simkin, he was proud to be chosen by Fritz Perls to be the first Gestalt Therapist to introduce Gestalt Therapy to Europe in 1969. He has been presenting Gestalt and Couples training workshops in Europe several times each year since that time. Today, fifty years after he introduced Gestalt Therapy to Europe, Bob has been awarded the 2019 APA, Division 29 (Psychotherapy) Distinguished Award for the International Advancement Advancement of Psychotherapy.  His interview “Gestalt Therapy: Principles Prisms and Perspectives” defining his views of Gestalt Therapy at that time, appears in the summer 1995 issue of the British Gestalt Journal. “The Recursive Loop of Shame” appears in the Gestalt Review 1997. “Chicken Soup Is Poison” (Perls Festschrift) circa 1967. He is currently offering a series of contemporary Gestalt Therapy demonstration and training films (Vimeo.com/ondemand/gestaltfilms) soon to be followed with Couples Therapy films with his wife and colleague, Rita Resnick, Ph.D. Bob’s style is warm and engaging and he speaks with clarity and humor.  And yes, the Resnicks are frequently happily married. Email: BobResnick360@gmail.com


Alexandr Eremeev, M.D.

Liv Estrup, M.A.is a Gestalt therapist in practice in Santa Monica, CA, since 1971. She has trained internationally and co-authored (with Rita Resnick, Ph.D.) “Supervision: A Collaborative Endeavor”, Gestalt Review (Vol. 4, No. 2). Liv is an AAMFT approved supervisor and an Associate Editor of the Gestalt Review. Through interests in training, theory and photography, Liv created the video, What’s Behind the Empty Chair? Gestalt Therapy Theory and Methodology.

Helen Kennedy, BA (Hons.) has been in private practice in Edinburgh, Scotland since 1985. She is a founding partner of Teamwork Edinburgh Gestalt Institute where she works as a trainer, supervisor, consultant and psychotherapist. Helen is qualified as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with GPTI (UK). She has a particular interest in creating community to enhance creative, spiritual and psychological growth.

Jay Levin, M.A. (Clin. Psych.), a clinical psychologist in South Africa, recently moved to the U.S. He completed training with the Polsters (1983) and GTILA. Publications include: the effects of detention and torture in South Africa and ethical issues confronting professionals in treating detainees. Jay was a community psychologist, in private practice, and has been training psychotherapists internationally for more than 10 years.

Nadia Luyabitskaya, M. Psych. graduated in Clinical Psychology from Moscow State University. She is the Director of the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama. Nadia has been teaching gestalt for more than 18 years. She runs many educational groups and has a busy private practice. Her special interest is group dynamics from a Gestalt perspective.

Paul Plakos, M.A. holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from U.C.L.A.   Gestalt Associates Training of Los Angeles has certified him as a Gestalt Therapist, and he has participated as a Trainer for the GATLA Los Angeles ongoing training program for the past five years following several years as a Group Leader.  Paul has a private practice in Northern California, where he works with both individuals and couples.

Juraj (George) Rektor, M.D., psychiatrist, founder and director of Psychosocial Center in Prerov, Czech Republic. Originally trained as psychoanalyst, later trained and certified as gestalt therapist by GPTI (UK) and GATLA. Co-founder and co-director of Czech Gestalt Therapy Training Institute “Dialogue”. Interested in personality process and structure and neuroscience.

Claudia Rosenbach-ZiembinskiClaudia Rosenbach-Ziembinski, Diplom. Psych., trained as a Teacher, Clinical Psychologist and Gestalt therapist in Berlin. Since 1988, she has lived and worked as a Psychotherapist and Gestalt Trainer in Perth, Western Australia, where she is also the Co-Director of GTIWA. She has run Gestalt training workshops in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe & Russia.

Zish Rosenbach-Ziembinski, M.Psych. (Clinical), graduated in Clinical Psychology from UWA in 1976 and has been actively involved as a Gestalt therapy trainer since 1983, in Australia and Europe.  Zish has a busy Psychotherapy practice and is the Co-Director of Gestalt Training Institute West Australia. He has an unabiding interest in studying world affairs and literature, with a focus on understanding how humans manage differences in relating.

Each group in the Gestalt Program of the Summer Residential will work with three of the above faculty. In addition to a faculty member, each group will have a Group Leader who stays with the group throughout the entire 12 days. In 2019, Group Leaders will be selected from the following list:

Doug Aberle,d M. Eng. Sc. (Australia)
Viktoras Keturakis, Ph.D (Lithuania)
Vitalija Lepeškiene, Ph.D. (Lithuania)
Kristen Myers, Psy.D. (USA)
Andrew Price, MSW (USA)
Svyatoslav Rumanov, M. Psy.
Anna Tanalska-Duleba, M.A.
Svetlana Vasilyeva, M.D.​