Couples Training Groups

INTRODUCTORY GROUP: The Introductory Group is designed for applicants who are new to the Resnick’s model of Couples Therapy. Many Introductory Group members come to our training with relevant training and experience in doing couples therapy however they are not familiar with this approach. Others, although not currently working with couples, are interested in learning to do couples therapy.

  • Excellent place to gain familiarity with this model and observe live work with real couples.
  • Small group experience for practicing the skills relevant to working with this model under the supervision of the Clinical Faculty.
  • Process group time to deal with personal reactions to the theory, the work and the training.
  • Special theory lectures.

Training Goals: To develop the basic skills involved in the treatment of couples from this innovative process model of couples therapy.

ADVANCED GROUP: Designed for clinicians with a minimum of one year of training in the Resnick Model.

  • Participants have the opportunity to work live with real couples under supervision of both Bob and Rita Resnick.
  • Opportunity to observe live work with couples by Bob and Rita Resnick and fellow advanced trainees.

Training Goals: To develop expertise in working with couples using the Resnick Model. To be able to observe and intervene in ways which further the personal goals of the individual in the couple as well as the goals of the couple.

MODEL COUPLES: The model couples participate in daily sessions used to teach couples therapy and fully participate in all levels of discussion, group sessions, and Basic theory lectures. The Resnicks work with each couple throughout the training workshop. The work is both inclusive and transparent.

  • Daily Couples Therapy Group with Bob and Rita Resnick with all Therapists in the outer circle. Each couple’s work will be followed by discussion with the couples, the therapist participants and the Resnicks.
  • Individual couples therapy sessions in a small group with advanced participants working as therapists under the live supervision of the faculty. Discussion will follow the work.
  • Daily theory presentations about couples and couples therapy for couples and therapists.
  • Optional evening presentations.
  • International therapist participants and couples

Free time to relax, read, spend time together, hike, swim, sports, etc.